Lately i keep hearing from people from all walks of life that aside from a normal 9 to 5 job, a person should have a second source of income and not be dependent on just one. After doing some research, i have come to the conclusion that this is in fact true. When your wealth increases, you have more income in theory to invest in other money making opportunities.

There are many reasons why multiple streams of income are important. The foremost thing is thing is that it creates a safety net for you in the sense that you still have some income to sustain you regardless of your career prospects.

Another reason why you should have multiple forms of income is that it gives you the power of leverage. When your other streams bring in more money, you have more money to invest in interesting ideas and projects.

Furthermore, you have the choice of selection. When you have multiple streams of income, you have the option to work on whichever stream you choose to when you wake up in the morning. This alone makes the whole concept of multiple income streams well worth it in my opinion. Life rarely gets boring when you have a plethora of choices.

In light of all this, think of as the medium through which you can earn multiple streams of income. Basically your job posting on does not interfere with your regular job. Its affords you the flexibility of earning extra money while pursing a daily job.

Just note that there are countless ways to make money out there. is definitely a great place to start, but keep this in mind,  stick to your passion, it’s easy to do something you are passionate about. Whatever you decide to do, your contentment and satisfaction in the end is what truly matters.