So many ways were used by people to sell products that they had. Also, was it that people never knew talents could be churned into cash when used well? Others were also rendering services for free on the basis that “you are my friend” or “but I know you”.

With technology taking over the system now, why do people still wait to be employed in a company when they can create a job now as an entrepreneur with no fee.

With these issues and many others considered, has been come to help solve most of these issues most importantly, the increase in unemployment.

With over 1000 users and over 2000 services, seems to be the new trend of selling and buying online,hence the term Online Marketing.  Below are the reasons and benefits you gain with

  1. Referral system not a hoax: Referral System is used by most online sites to enable users gain money when they get other people to sign up to the site through them. A lot of online sites have come and passed and still more to come with this system. Most of the Referral Systems that were implemented by most sites are not real, but just to increase traffic or visits to their sites.’s Referral System is guaranteed the best and has not had any of the users complain or deterred from visiting the site.
  1. Job Verification: Jobs/Services that are created/ offered on the platform are not just raw. They have been verified by their competent Support Team members who take time to scrutinize and correct text, images, etc. before they are put out in the public domain.
  1. No subscription needed: As compared to other sites where one needs to pay a fee to sign up and post a job or service, is a “free to go” site. All you need is to sign up with your email, username and phone number and you good to do anything on the platform.
  1. ESCROW: This is when a third party is involved in a financial transaction between two people. acts as the third party that takes money from Buyer to Seller. This is a security implemented to help breach issues of the seller running away, job not well done, etc. So before a job is ordered, the buyer pays money to and when job is completed, in turn pays the seller.
  1. Referral Cash Benefits: Monies made from referrals cannot be withdrawn, but can be used to transact business on the platform. Many are other plans that are underway for users, so as to enable them do more with their Referral Benefits.
  1. “No issues” between Seller and Buyer guaranteed: Acting as an intermediary, takes caution from beginning to the end of all transactions so as to enable both Seller and Buyer to be satisfied. This is done by taking and disseminating right information from buyer to seller before and after a Job/ Service transaction.
  1. Savings Zone: Aside making people to sell their products and services on the platform, users can track how much they are making on the platform. With that, a user can decide not to withdraw his monies, but will be updated of income and debit informationwhen logged into the account.