Many people may think that color is not important in the work place. However, this has been disputed, scientific studies have shown that colors don’t just change our moods, they also profoundly impact our productivity for better and for worse  in our daily lives. In the work environment where most people dedicate at least 8 hours  of their day, it’s best to decorate it with a vibrant hues that increase output and spark creativity.


Blue is regarded as a calming and stable color that helps workers focus on the task ahead. Furthermore, blue promotes trust, communication and efficiency.


Orange represents enthusiasm  and also symbolizes endurance. In the workplace, it boosts creative performance, if you want to unleash creativity and enthusiasm at the work place, infuse orange in the office decor and painting.


Green inspires innovation, promotes harmony and most interestingly reduces eye strain. Green is therefore ideal for spaces in the work area where computers are used.


White is a universal color which is associated with cleanliness and also creates a sense of spaciousness, especially when paired with natural light. White is ideal for charitable organisations, health centres and the promotion of health products.