Author: Francis Herbert


WORK WITHIN OR BEFORE TIME Any time a buyer orders for a service, it is anticipated that the buyer is in need of the service and also wants value for money. Many are the jobs that have their duration more than a day and that describes the period within which the seller can work. For the purposes of recommendations and good review which sells Sellers a lot, one has to do everything possible within their means to have the service rendered on time or within time frame (which is the best). One of your success stories will be that...

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What are you naturally good at and how can you improve upon it. Here are some innovative ways that can help you improve your talent; Try creating something new every day. Creative thinking is not for artistic people alone or the talented, but rather a skill that can be learnt. Create new ideas each day that are associated with your talent, make a list of all new ideas and select the best. Modify yourself and grow with technology. Do not be too comfortable where you are or limit yourself to your environment. Adapt to change when the need arises....

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So many ways were used by people to sell products that they had. Also, was it that people never knew talents could be churned into cash when used well? Others were also rendering services for free on the basis that “you are my friend” or “but I know you”. With technology taking over the system now, why do people still wait to be employed in a company when they can create a job now as an entrepreneur with no fee. With these issues and many others considered, has been come to help solve most of these issues most...

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