Author: Dominic Forson

How to Save Money Shopping Online

The internet isn’t just a great way to shop without leaving your home, it’s also a great way to save money without the tedious, old-fashioned task of clipping coupons. With a little smart shopping and a few extra resources, the internet’s vast stretches can save your budget and even give you a little extra room to “splurge” after you’ve got all of the essentials covered. Online Coupon Sites This might be the most popular way to save money when shopping on the internet. Coupon sites are all over the internet and they rely on user contributions to display a list...

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Important things to bring to an interview

Lets admit, job interviews are stressful because so many factors are out of your control. But there is one thing you can control that can make all the difference: How prepared you are! Career experts and hiring managers say to be fully prepared, you really only need to bring six things with you to the interview. Here are the essentials they say you should show up with: 1. Directions Don’t risk a technology malfunction by relying solely on your smartphone for directions. Whether you’re taking your own  car or public transport be sure to know where your interview is taking place...

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