Jerome enjoying his morning coffee

Okay! Its Wednesday and a typical day at 15Ghana begins like this. Everybody shuffles into the office at 8:30 am and those who came along with breakfast eat their breakfast. Well you know the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” After this, you can bet you will find everybody seated at their desks, glued to their laptop screens working on website related tasks or busily answering calls from the 15Ghana community. If you follow 15Ghana social media pages, you will definitely see a post on our social media page. As the day goes on there will probably be a brainstorming session where everyone shares ideas on how to make every 15Ghana community member’s experience smooth sailing.

There are perks for being a 15Ghana staff, for example everybody craves for the free lunches everyday and not to mention the much sought after free drinks on Fridays after work!