You are not limited by these entries ,they are simply sparks to fan the flame of business ingenuity locked up in there somewhere. Look through and find a niche. Every story has got to start somewhere. Make money with what you have and nothing more.

I must say its getting quite difficult getting titles for jobs so do well to read through to get a fair idea of jobs.Thank me later when the money starts flowing.

Whiles we wait for that big break or dream job lets earn some money now.

Survey or Research Personnel

  • Skills Needed:Good Communication Skills
  • Setup Cost:None

Anyone who has done a project requiring surveys and questionnaires knows the stress involved in executing this phase of the project. Here lies our opportunity,all that is required is the questionnaires or whatever material required for the survey in question. You could charge extra for other tasks.

Data Base Manager

  • Skills Needed:Competence in Excel,Access and any database tools.
  • Setup Cost:None

The  idea is to transform the data bases of small businesses, schools,churches, etc from paperwork to digital database on excel or whatever.

Language Translation

  • Skills Needed:Fluent in chosen Language
  • Setup Cost:None

Simply translate a number of words from one language to another for cash.You would be surprised how many people are looking to translate material into local languages.

Errands & Delivery

  • Materials Needed:Any reliable means of transport
  • Setup Cost:None

If you have some free time on your hand,or frequent a particular stretch of road you could offer to run errands or deliver stuff.Say you travel from Kumasi to Accra every Friday you could make some quick money whiles doing that.Simply post a job saying I’ll deliver your stuff from Accra to Kumasi on Mondays.

Mr/Ms Instructor

  • Materials Needed:Depends on what you have to offer plus
  • Setup Cost:None

Driving,Martial Arts and Musical Instruments are all skills that can be taught for a fee.