We are left with our final 5 jobs you can do on 15ghana.com. As said earlier, you are not limited by these entries.If you need more ideas or info check out  Part 1 & part 2 of this post.

Here we go;

Mobile Make-up Artist

  • Materials Needed: Makeup Kit
  • Setup Cost:155 GHC

Many ladies  would love to have their makeup needs catered for with ease.You know, those occasions that are not too fancy and do not require a total makeover,just a simple but elegant makeup session. A typical scenario  would  be in preparation for a special date, work events, parties etc.Just bring your makeup kit along, offer your service and make some money. Simple and easy.


  • Materials/Skills Needed: Basic gardening tools, knowledge in gardening
  • Startup Capital: None

With this one your job is to cater for all the gardening needs of clients. This includes maintenance of existing lawns or gardens, establishment of new gardens, advice on  plant species to suit specific needs of clients, all these and more are services that can be offered under this category.

Specific Catering Services

Materials/Skills Needed: Great Cooking Skill( I Cannot Stress This Enough)

Setup Cost:50GHC (Depends On What You Are Offering)

Please if you don’t have the skill do not attempt. If you have an irresistible recipe , say a sauce (shito), meal (kenkey, waakye, banku, tuo zaafi), stew (egg stew, garden egg stew), pastries (meat-pies, spring rolls) all you need to do is place a job on 15ghana.com. You can be specific and offer one product on particular day(s) in a week. Example, I will provide a jar of Shito for 25GHC on Fridays. People placing an order can request for more of a particular ingredient or the exclusion of one.


Mr/Ms Consultant



Materials Needed:In Depth Knowledge In Subject Matter

Setup Cost:None

If you are advanced in any field of knowledge you can offer consultancy for a fee.Technology, agriculture, business, construction, education, law are a few examples.You can offer to answer a question concerning a subject matter for a fee.


  • Materials/Skills Needed: Good Communication Skills, (Brilliance You Must Know Your Material)
  • Setup Cost: None

Its very simple. You just have to provide detailed and customized tutorials to meet the requirements of your clients. This job requires the provider to be adept in the subject matter.He/She will answer questions and explain difficult topics, subjects could include Calculus, Algebra, Accounting, Chemistry etc.

You could also meet up with clients and provide them with a one on one teaching session.You choose the subject and the level at which you are capable of teaching be it Primary, Jhs, Secondary, Tertiary or even Corporate level.