Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can … Where there are no opportunities you don’t sit around and wait, you make them! Times are hard and one must adapt.

Check out  15 jobs you can do on No need for large setup costs .


   1.Human Signboards/Billboard


  • Materials Needed : Cardboard & Marker
  • Setup Cost : GH₵ 15
  • Skills Needed : None

There are people with lots of Facebook friends and Instagram followers, you can use that to your advantage. Earn some money with your selfies. All you need is to hold an advertisement in the pic/selfie, share it on your social media (Facebook,Instagram etc), tag as many people as you can and voila, money in your pocket. If you have a cute baby, pet or live somewhere exotic you can make it more interesting . Be creative, earn some cash now.



Another form in which this mode of advertisement can take, is to carry the advertisement on a nice cardboard or placard, stand at a vantage point like in front of a mall, a school or junction. This can be done in different forms, as a group, in specific attires or with music, be innovative.



2.Mr/Ms Surprise

Portrait of ecstatic woman with bunch of flowers looking at camera

  • Materials Needed : None
  • Setup Cost : None
  • Skills Needed : Charm, Wit & Good Looks

You have  seen in movies, individuals who burst into a place to surprise a person with flowers, birthday wishes, baby announcements, and other special announcements. You can offer this service within your locale. All that is required is your wit and charm.


You can come along with a friend or add just about anything  fun to make your service more attractive.



    3.Dog Washing/Dog Walking

Bathroom to a dog

  • Materials Needed : Liquid Soap (Pet Approved), Towels, Brush
  • Setup Cost : GH₵ 25
  • Skills Needed : None

There are many dog lovers out there who would pay to  have their dogs cleaned and groomed. You are probably worried about being bitten by dogs but a simple mouth guard solves that problem.


No veterinarian training is required. You can also add dog walking options  for those who are too busy to walk their dogs.



 4.Car Branding

car branding

  • Materials Needed : Car
  • Setup Cost : None
  • Skills Needed : Driving

This one is very easy. Drive your car and make money whiles doing it. This could be in the form of stickers, posters or banners.





5.Performing  Arts

performing arts

  • Material Needed : None
  • Setup Cost : None
  • Skills Needed : Nice Voice, Dance.

There are so many opportunities in here; music bands, acapella groups, choreographers, poets, stage arts just about anything. Sign up on and let Ghana know what you have to offer.




Find out what other job ideas we have for you in Part 2 of this article.